We Are Vinca Major

Fine jewelry for your life’s journey

We believe that fine jewelry is a lasting expression of your story. We aim to return you to your core and set your mind on the stars.

At once unique and inclusive, we stand for bold, fearless design for all.

Precious metals and gems are our medium. Across three decades, we have perfected the synergy between wearer, designer, and artisan.

Some would say we practice a dying craft. We believe our methods are the only way to intertwine the essence of the wearer with the beauty of the materials we use.

Our History

The idea for Vinca Major was born in 1987, when our founder, Simon Zouein, came to the United States after years abroad in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. He had seen stones come out of the earth and experienced the spark of inspiring jewelry design – and so he set to creating in the basement of a shop in a historic Kansas City shopping district. .

Originally called Vinca Jewelry Design – and still operating under that name in its original location – Vinca Major is the next iteration of a long family tradition.

Vinca Major’s co-founder Christian is Simon’s son. He grew up in the family business, selling his first self-designed and created engagement ring at age 15. Christian joined Simon on his around-the-world travels stone sourcing journeys, and developed his own design style along the way.

Vinca Major as it exists today is an expression of family and provenance. It is a fresh tendril of design, intended to bring out the spirit of its wearers, as Vinca Jewelry Design has for decades.